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Report Violation

Viswakarma Varan.Com has a healthy relationship with Cyber Crime cell so as to ensure no one dares to misuse and mislead people through our portal. In case of any doubt or unwanted communication from an uninterested profile you can send e-mail alert to for prompt action from our end. We request the members to provide us with all the evidences of the unsolicited communications made by the miscreant, for example if it is an e-mail communication, send across the full header to help us to nab the culprit.

Pls Note: Maintaining secrecy is one of our matrimony policies so your particulars remain forbidden from the perverse person. So feel free inform us when someone crosses the boundary of decency.

The violations by a member that calls for your immediate action:

  • Pretentious, obscene and abusive e-mails.
  • Inappropriate personal details and fake credentials.
  • Threating and abusive communication through mobile and SMS.
  • Fake profile photos.
  • Business firm or an individual seeking your monetary favors.
  • Suspecting misuse of your name appeared through the ads and other communication materials of Viswakarma Varan.Com.

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